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What is Voodoo Voice?
Voodoo Voice allows you to control iTunes using spoken voice commands. Using your computer's microphone, you can give it commands such as "begin play", "next song", or "switch to <name of song in play list>". It is very accurate and speaker independent.
If you're considering putting a music-playing computer in your car, you need this!
How well does this really work?
Even if you've been disappointed with speech recognition products in the past, you might be surprised by just how well Voodoo Voice works. Most people that have used some kind of speech recognition program in the past have used a dictation program. Dictation programs promise to let you dictate text into your computer by reading it aloud. But dictation requires a lot of training (which means you spend entirely too much time reading outloud to your computer), and even then the results are disappointing. Voodoo Voice is different. By responding to a much smaller vocabularly (but still including your entire playlist!), Voodoo Voice is able to achieve far better accuracy with much less training.
People around the world are using Voodoo Voice successfully, many in noisy environments like cars.
What are some of the features of Voodoo Voice?
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